Exaprojects enables a huge variety of actions, such as:

  • Collection of handover deliverables, including Operations & Maintenance (O&M), Health & Safey, and Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) information.
  • Management of structured data, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Project & task management throughout the construction lifecycle
  • Facilities management support
  • Company-wide document and information storage


Whilst Exaprojects is an incredibly versatile tool with a huge variety of features, we believe there a few key benefits which set us apart from other providers.

24/7 Access & Control

As a cloud-based solution, we offer unlimited storage, unlimited users and 24/7 access to your data. Along with that, our powerful project management features give you full control over the organisation of your data. Unlike other providers, with Exaprojects, there's no need to wait days or even weeks for a change request to be completed - you can do it there and then.

Intelligent Automation

Wherever possible, Exaprojects alleviates monotonous, repetitive actions. Tasks can be batch created and assigned to multiple individual users; correspondence templates can be created and reused, saving you from writing the same emails over and over; file naming conventions ensure users are forced to rename files appropriately on upload, saving you the labourious task of renaming thousands of files.

Seamless Collaboration

Exaprojects' mark-up functionality beats our competitors', in part thanks to our conference calling enabled, group mark-up sessions. Both registered and unregistered users can be invited into a session and you have the option to allow them to make mark-ups, add comments, mute them and more.

All of this happens in real-time - as you draw on the document, all the other attendees will see it happen.

Data Import & Export

If you wish to migrate to us from another provider, we will import all data onto our system free of charge. Anything created on one project on our system, such as your project folder structure, users, correspondence templates etc., can all be imported into other projects at the click of a button.

We will never hold your data to ransom; on any project, at any time, you can export all of your project's information.

Speed, Security & Updates

Exaprojects has been built using modern-day technologies and is incredibly fast and user-friendly as a result. Searching an entire project for a file, a log event or a user happens in a fraction of a second. Security is also paramount to Exaprojects. The second data leaves your computer it is encrypted using industry standards.

Our feedback driven development process ensures we are constantly releasing new features, which are always included as part of your original project fee.


The Exaprojects model of giving you the tools to conduct your own handover ensures we can keep our overheads low and charge you the best price possible.

Included in our fee is any training your staff may require as well as assistance in getting your project off the ground. For example, the creation of appropriate permission sets, adding relevant users, creating your initial folder structure - all this & more is included.


We use a fixed, monthly license fee with small variations dependent on the project and resources required. All features, start-up help and training are included in our price and there are no hidden fees. We aim to be extremely competitive and transparent in our pricing. Any new features released over the course of a project's lifecycle are included as part of the original fee with no extra charge.

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